Lingual Braces (On the Inside)

When I (Dr. Rosenberg) wore braces as an adult, there were no ceramic brackets, clear aligners or lingual braces. Now adults and older teens have three effective choices when it comes to aligning the front teeth. Lingual braces go behind the upper and lower front teeth. They are truly invisible.

Lingual MTM stands for Minor Tooth Movement. They are ideal for the patient who has minor to moderate relapse – either crowding or spacing. Lingual braces are not, however, used in our practice to correct bite issues.

They are also:

  1. Gentle – utilizing very light material.
  2. Fast – most cases require 4-8 months.
  3. Cost effective – no high lab fees when compared to clear aligner treatment.
  4. Excellent results.

How are L MTM braces fitted?

Once a plan has been devised, small brackets are bonded to the tongue side of the teeth.

The placement process is performed in a short, painless visit. In a short time the brackets are removed and the result is a beautiful smile.